Parent Partners

How Do Parent Partners Help Families?
  • Work with families to promote engagement in case plan activities.
  • Help maintain connections between parents and children while the children are placed out of the home.
  • Share insight about their own personal experiences that may help parents be successful in their reunification efforts.
  • Assist in the goal of reunification and/or the development of appropriate alternative permanent plans.
  • Provide a sense of hope and inspiration to parents in the involved in the child welfare system.
  • Connect parents with resources.
  • Provide encouragement, outreach and support.
  • Work with Parent Partner team (supervisor, child welfare case worker, planning committees, etc.).
Parent Partner Activities

Parent Café Dialogues and Circle of Parents events help bring parents out of isolation and connect them with positive supports.  Helping parents and caregivers learn to have fun with children and other families creates building blocks for future success!

We Time is a 7-week Protective Factors Parenting Class provided by the Parent Partner Program that offers a certificate of completion at the end of the 7 weeks.  This certificate is accepted by Community Partnership for Children.